Mel Seeling & Sokol Kurtesi – Students of the Month

Students of the Month – Sokol Kurtesi & Mel Seeling
I vote for Sokol Kurtesi, he is training hard for his Black belt test and he practiced a lot before the state tournament. (Mason Bear)
I vote for Sokol Kurtesi. (Nelson Vargas)
I vote for Sokol Kurtesi. Always happy to go watch you compete! Every time we work together to help you prepare your material, you’re nothing but respectful and humble! Now it’s off to make that special effort to prepare you for upgrading your belt! If you’re up to competing in AOK again next year, let’s keep at it, change things up and bring home a jacket or two! (Aaron Seeling)
For Adult SOM, I vote for Mel Seeling. Mel is always, always there and willing to do whatever is needed. He teaches, cleans, troubleshoots, and still continues his own training and progress. He has a real gift for working with the kids…they just love him. He sets a very good example as a black belt. (Kathy Clark)
I vote for Mel Seeling, he goes above and beyond in the daily running of the dojo. He keeps himself in great shape and he believes in the process and what it can do for an individual. He practices what he preaches and has a unique gift for the kids. I look forward to his 2nd degree promotion on January 20th. (Master Seeling)
I vote for Mel Seeling. Mel is at almost every class and is always willing to teach and help others. He is always willing to give feedback and help any student. Mel works hard and is a great role model to all students. (Michelle O’Donnell)

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