NTKA Black Belt Promotions

Five youth were promoted to their 1st Degree Black Belt at North Texas Karate Academy on June 10, 2017.
The children range in age from 10 to 13 have trained for at least four years for the opportunity to take this exam.
The test lasted four hours and the students demonstrated their martial arts skills in a variety of ways from
weapons to self defense, forms and sparring. NTKA is very proud of these children.

The youth all excel inside and outside of the dojo. Kale is now studying at Duke University in their summer program,
something he earned with his SAT scores. Mia, who could not speak English well when she first began classes, is
now a very helpful translator for other Spanish speaking parents and children. Mason is an avid competitor and TKL champion, his dedication to healthy eating and fitness is second to none. Enson plans on moving on to team sports and jiu jitsu. Keradan excels in gymnastics as well as martial arts, he went with his team to compete at the state level this year.

Pictured L-R holding certificates are Mia Solis, Keradan Kollmansberger, Kale Weimer, Mason Bear and Enson Griffith

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