Texas Karate League Eagle Invitational

The NTKA Competition Team took 16 competitors to the February 20th TKL tourney. The team brought home one Grand Championship, fourteen 1st places, six 2nd places and nine 3rd places. Awesome job Team!
Sarah Scheinoha – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring
Sokol Kurtesi – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring
Andre Ruiz – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring
Aaron Seeling – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring
Amy Seeling – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring, Grand Champion Sparring
Mel Seeling – 3rd Forms, 1st Sparring
Seth Gradel – 1st Forms, 3rd Sparring
Mason Bear – 1st Forms, 3rd Sparring
Ashley Smith – 1st Forms, 2nd Sparring
Steve Black – 3rd Forms, 2nd Sparring
Troy Gradel – 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring
Jesse Beckman – 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring
Enson Griffith – 3rd Sparring
Keradan Kollmansberger – 3rd Forms
Garrett Johnson – 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring
Riley Smith – 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring

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